Recruiting is Broken

I hear all too often that recruiting is a mindless job and I’d take offense to it except it’s not a false statement when talking about today’s average recruiter. Recruiting has turned into a button-clicking job that doesn’t take a lot of thought, problem-solving, or consideration for the craft that it used to be. Put simply, recruiting is broken. read more

Resist the Spam

This email came through my inbox:

It doesn’t sound terrible, right? Then why does an email like this cause all the frustrating feelings toward tech recruiters?

Clue: I’m not a developer.

I work with developers and while I reference my work within the tech industry online, any technical person really looking at my LinkedIn (or my GitHub profile as they claimed) could quickly tell that I’m on the human side of software, not someone who would consider applying for or even remotely qualify for a position like the one they pitched. read more