2019 Product Highlights

New Year, Who Dis?

What. A. Year. 2019 was filled with growth, learning curves, and plenty of iterations. We can’t believe we’re four years old – and we wouldn’t be here without the support from the recruiting community! Here’s a recap of our notable moments and feature improvements throughout the year. 

Product highlights:

Profiles have been enhanced with multiple avatars, categorization of emails, (business, personal, other), any publications from a person, and the ability to export a profile into a PDF making it easy to share a candidate across your hiring team.

You know we didn’t forget about search enhancements! In addition to refactoring and improving our predictive models, we also have a patent-pending. 🤫

  • Our users now have the ability to string together multiple top technologies using the “OR” function.
  • We built a recursive neural network that ‘learns’ the similarity/dissimilarity between titles after seeing a bunch of pre-labeled training data making searching for titles and seniority more accurate, and improving the prediction scores across profiles. 
  • We’ve updated our location indexing, using the most recently updated location as the ‘current’ regardless of whether or not someone’s additional sites have been updated. 
  • We’ve added a handful of new technologies, including a Government C
  • Began indexing what topics people follow on GitHub, and have improved our diversity filter by further expanding the sources we pull data from.
  • Watchlists are now searchable, so you can source smarter, not harder.
  • Added AWS Hall of Fame people / certifications and other publications to profiles.
  • Launched our partnership with Trinsly, an email automation tool that schedules followups for you.
  • Our Chrome Extension update allows you to seamlessly import profiles into your ATS.
  • Last but not least, new data sources, all day every day. Those include, but are not limited to –

2019 sure did fly by, and we’re stoked for what 2020 has in store. Here are a few things that are currently in beta and we can’t wait to share with our users!

  • Bullhorn Integration! You asked, we answered.
  • Greenhouse Data Enrichment. Curious about your old candidates? We can help with the legwork.
  • SUBSCRIBED SEARCHES!!! Wtf is that you ask. Well, it’s a one and done search – that alerts you every time a new person joins Chicago Ruby Meetup, for example, allowing you to stay proactive in building your pipeline.
  • Last but certainly not least, our very own campaigns. Soon, you won’t have to leave the app to send emails and followups to folks – making reporting a breeze and engagement natural.

Thanks for sticking with us, sharing your feedback, and helping us change the way tech recruiting is done. We appreciate you and can’t wait for the year ahead.

From all of us at humanpredictions, cheers to 2020!

Want to see more? Drop us a line – hello@humanpredictions.io

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