Stop sourcing tech candidates by title

No one wants to waste their time, or to be inefficient, in their business practices. But sometimes we have blind spots that keep us stuck and prevent us from innovating.

Such is the case in tech recruiting with the commonly accepted practice of searching for candidates based on their job title instead of by their experience level with the required job skill. read more

Turnover in Tech: Time’s Up

Change is happening in the tech industry, but not always where it's wanted.
Change is happening in the tech industry, but not always where it’s wanted.

The turnover rate of jobs in the tech sector is notoriously high.

The average job turnover rate across all industries is estimated at 10.9%.  But according to an 2017 analysis of LinkedIn user data, the average job turnover rate for tech is 13.2%, a full 2 points higher than the national average.  Within the technology sector, the occupations with the highest turnover rates were:
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GitHub Usage from around the Globe

GitHub is one of the most prominent and popular software development platforms in the world with more than 31M registered users [].

But the distribution of GitHubbers varies across the globe.  Recently, we’ve taken a look at some of the variations in global GitHub usage, city by city, by leveraging our humanpredictions database.
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