Meet “Habits”—a New Blog Series to Help You Build Better Recruiting Routines

At Humanpredictions, we’re on a mission to help tech professionals, of all walks of life, build stronger, deeper relationships with each other. As our world navigates a Fourth Industrial Revolution, every person in the tech industry is walking the same journey to building the future of our world.

“In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before,” explains Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.”

Our product, the most complete database of tech people, brings together the builders who are shaping a new narrative for planet earth. We believe that transformation begins with people—and that the tech we are all creating is paving the way for a better humanity. Recruiters and technical hiring managers are steering fleets of some of the most important decisions to be made in our lifetimes. Companies need a resource to explore new terrain. That’s the story behind the story of our database.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s tumultuous undercurrent

Technology is moving faster than human minds can keep up. Having been recruiters and hiring managers—who now work extensively with hiring managers and recruiters, one pattern we’ve observed is that our brains are getting exhausted. As new tech lands in our fingertips, we feel increasingly sped up as we navigate endless to-do lists. People in the tech sector are prone to burnout, depletion, and exhaustion

Recruiters are in an especially tough spot due to the amount of context-switching that the job requires. When we engage in the mental act of cognitive task-shifting, we use four different parts of our brain. This mental effort can tire us out and leave us fatigued.

It’s tough to recognize this challenge when we’re in the trenches and focused on getting work done. So we resort to coffee, skipping lunch breaks, and trying to accomplish tasks faster.

What if we told you that the key to higher productivity is working less? With the right toolkit, you can outsmart the brain drain that comes with cognitive exhaustion. 

Enter “Habits”— a new blog series by Humanpredictions

Over the last year, several Humanpredictions team members have spent time researching how tech professionals can take better care for their minds and bodies. What self-care strategies can we use to take care of the minds and bodies of people working in tech? How can we use the benefits of what our industry, as a collective, is building to take time off, relax more, and better nourish our minds and bodies?

In 2020, Humanpredictions is finding new, creative ways to take care of the recruiters and hiring managers who devote their lives to taking care of everyone else. These individuals are the often un-sung superheroes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—shaping history with every phone screen, candidate conversation, and new job offer. 

We’re starting with a blog series called “Habits by Humanpredictions,” which teaches recruiters and hiring managers from all walks of life, how to create healthier routines. You’ll learn how to:

  • Shift negative ruminations into positive thinking
  • Take care of your brain
  • See a bigger story for yourself and career
  • Love every moment of your job
  • Make more out of limited time
  • Accomplish more while working less
  • Invest in skills that set you up for success
  • Feel a greater sense of success in your role
  • Sharpen up your emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Work more crossfunctionally across teams and functions
  • Advocate for yourself within your company

“Habits” is a collaboration between all Humanpredictions team members. It is our shared storytelling and learning platform that helps us remember, always, that we are in business for you.

First posts in the series

We started building up this series and testing content last year, launching five blog posts to help you level-up in your career. You’ll notice that in each blog post, we make an effort to incorporate artwork from illustrators around the world. With every blog post, we aim to increase human creativity around the world.  Our first four blog posts focus on the topic of decision-making, connection, and human happiness in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

1. Build a Happier, More Motivated Tech Ecosystem
This post introduces the concept of positive emotional contagions and teaches tech professionals how to bring more moments of positivity to their everyday work routines. You’ll learn how the subtle art of a “thank you” can level-up your interactions and truly change the world around you.

2. Want to Find Awesome People Online? Try these Search and Outreach Tips
For the first time in human history, every person has the ability to connect with anyone else in the world. That means talent pools—and the companies seeking people to fill key technical roles—are expanding. This blog post introduces you to some short, quick, and fun boolean search queries to help you find new talent in the Humanpredictions database.

3. As a Tech Recruiter, You Hold Untapped, Hidden Superpowers—Here’s How to Harness Them
Put short—we’re living a tale of two realities. Whether or not we realize it, the decisions that we make every day in the tech sector are defining the world will become. Enter your superpower. As a tech recruiting, you’re responsible for hiring the world’s most privileged, empowered decision-makers who are writing the story of humanity’s future.

4. Get People Excited to Switch Jobs—the Recruiter’s Role in an Age of Depression and Anxiety in Tech
There’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with the terrain of switching jobs. For instance, let’s say that—for whatever reason—you’re not a fit with your manager or new employer.  Or maybe, the fast-growing startup didn’t end up being as fast-growing as it appeared on the surface. As a recruiter, here’s how you can alleviate others’ fears of a grass that may not be greener.

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“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

-John F. Kennedy

With admiration  for all you do,
Team Humanpredictions

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P.P.S. We care about diversity, inclusion, and respecting pronouns. We thought that the quotes below would hit home with humans of all walks of life. We love to push communication boundaries with our content, respectfully. If you’d ever like to see a change in our communication style, please let us know.

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Contributors Statement
This work was a collaboration between the Humanpredictions team. Lindsey DiCello, Jordan Wolf, Nikki Jo Zettler, and Elliott Garms contributed to this piece. Ritika Puri was the writer and creative director.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors. This material has been prepared for educational purposes only.

Author: Team humanpredictions

This work was a collaboration between the Humanpredictions team. Lindsey DiCello, Jordan Wolf, Nikki Jo Zettler, JP Lamp and Elliott Garms contributed to this piece. Ritika Puri was the writer and creative director.

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