Define Your Brand Already, Recruiter

As recruiters, we spend a lot of time looking at profiles of potential candidates on several different social media channels. These profiles inform thoughts and assumptions about potential candidates including: skills, interests, experience level, and even their personality. Think about the assumptions made after looking at someone’s Twitter bio, tweets they’ve shared in the last 24 hours, or even their summary (or lack thereof) on LinkedIn. read more

Stop Playing the Hiring Blame Game

“Everyone emphasizes humility in interviews, and though people can talk about it, it’s not always the case in execution.” This observation by Ryan Verner, 8th Light’s Director of Education and Software Developer has been playing over and over in my mind like the Netflix previews that loop and repeat. It led to a much deeper conversation with Verner about the gap that exists between people on either side of the hiring process. read more

The Payoff of Hard Work and Apprenticeships

Sure, putting an apprenticeship program together requires a lot of work, but have I mentioned there are some incredible outcomes and a great return on that investment that goes beyond financial gains? If you haven’t read the first two articles of this three-part series on apprenticeships, you may want to read about the building blocks and challenges first! I started by digging into what it takes to build a plan for a program and then explored the challenges companies should plan for early. read more

Problems in Paradise – The Apprenticeship Challenge

I’m a huge supporter of apprenticeship programs because I’ve seen the opportunities these programs create for career changers, beginners, and life-long learners, but there are challenges companies should consider in the planning stage. As Dave Hoover said, “not many people talk about apprenticeships being harmful, but they can be if not done correctly.” In thinking about this statement he made in the recording of a podcast I interviewed him for (to be released later next month!), I wanted to know more. What types of challenges did companies face when building an apprenticeship program and what should companies be thinking about before getting in knee deep? read more

Apprenticeships: The Building Blocks

Apprenticeships are a funny concept to dissect. There is a lot history behind the purpose apprenticeships serve, yet they’re so nuanced in today’s company landscape. Specifically in the tech industry, where software development is a true craft, I’m often surprised that these programs are underutilized. read more

Recruiting is Broken

I hear all too often that recruiting is a mindless job and I’d take offense to it except it’s not a false statement when talking about today’s average recruiter. Recruiting has turned into a button-clicking job that doesn’t take a lot of thought, problem-solving, or consideration for the craft that it used to be. Put simply, recruiting is broken. read more

Resist the Spam

This email came through my inbox:

It doesn’t sound terrible, right? Then why does an email like this cause all the frustrating feelings toward tech recruiters?

Clue: I’m not a developer.

I work with developers and while I reference my work within the tech industry online, any technical person really looking at my LinkedIn (or my GitHub profile as they claimed) could quickly tell that I’m on the human side of software, not someone who would consider applying for or even remotely qualify for a position like the one they pitched. read more

Intentional Recruiting for Diversity

In 2017 underrepresented groups make up approximately 30% of the tech workforce (with those identifying as Black and Latinix only making up about 5% of that number). We still have a long way to go before we see technical teams that are representative of the diversity and intersectionality we see overall in the United States. While “major tech companies pour millions of dollars into recruiting…there remain significant, quantifiable discrepancies—in workforce diversity, in gender equity among people of color, and in representation among top leadership.” There are so many resources and outlets for recruiting people from diverse backgrounds, but the conversation still centers around “lowering the bar”. Not to mention, teams are more likely to focus on the gender gap which often concentrates on White women rather than women of color. read more

Construct your talent brand around an influencer

We all seem to dislike the tech recruiting approach of most technical recruiters. This isn’t a new or groundbreaking thought though, it’s a common thread amongst developer jokes. Check out the “shit recruiters say” Twitter feed if further proof is needed. So then why hasn’t there been a push for drastic change by the vast majority of technical leaders? read more

The Art of Prioritizing Your Network for Tech Recruiting

Tech recruiting is tough. You have a huge field to narrow and intense competition for the best people. Prioritizing your network can help.

Tech recruiting is tough. You have a huge field to narrow and intense competition for the best people. Prioritizing your network can help.