Round-Up Recruiter Emails: Let’s-Be-Real-People | May Edition

Our team gets a lot of requests for help with writing effective emails for sourcing and recruitment.

So, we thought: why not share real emails that actually worked?!

Our customers have shared great examples of emails that have sparked interesting dialogue and yielded great results. So we’ll be sharing these personality-filled emails with you for inspiration on a monthly basis going forward.

Here’s your first “Round-Up Recruiter Emails: Let’s-Be-Real-People | May Edition”

Subject: ::Clapping Hands Emoji::
Hey *candidate name*,
I was completely having one of those frustrating days at the office, too much to do, too little time, and then came across your resume & cover letter and the smile it brought across my face changed my full mood. So, you succeed on more than me and my nearest seat-mate having a laugh!  

How we roll with recruiting is we like to start with a cup of coffee (or tea, or water, and maybe I force a donut on you). Would you be able to meet with me at any of these times? My usual spots are around Lake & Wells.  

– Friday, 4/27 9:00 to 10:00 AM or 12 to 2 PM
– Monday, 4/30 11 AM to 2:30 PM
– Wednesday, 5/2 anytime after 11 AM

Let me know what is best for you and I’ll follow up with a meeting invite. Looking forward to connecting!


Check out this ridiculously-great response:

Subject: RE: ::Clapping Hands Emoji::

Those days at the office are the all-time worst. So glad to hear you guys had a laugh. That was DEFINITELY my first time throwing the old “3 truths and a lie” into a job app, and I just asked my fiancé last night if he thought I went too far haha. So thank YOU for the chance to tell him he’s wrong 🙂 Make that TWO victories for me.

And yes, I’m definitely down to grab a non-adult beverage. Let’s do it! I’m out of town for a freelance gig Monday afternoon, but if I could grab that 11:00 spot I should be able to just Uber to airport from our chat, if that works for you.

Let me know what you need me to bring or prepare! Also, in the interest of full-disclosure, I have a gluten allergy, so the donut forcing thing MIGHT get weird. But yogurt I can get down with. Let’s see where the day takes us.

See you soon!

And to make this exchange even sweeter, candidate officially starts next Wednesday! This is definitely a ::clapping hands emoji:: worthy email exchange. The recruiter treated the candidate like a real person, drafted an authentic and personalized email, and met that person where they were. That is what we like to see.

Know your audience, always, and treat your candidates how they want to be treated. That whole golden rule, “treat others how you’d like to be treated” is actually a little off. We recommend the “platinum rule”: “treat others how they want to be treated.” It’s also a great way to demonstrate your company’s inclusive and welcoming environment. Win-win!

What do you think of this email exchange? Tell us your reactions!

And if you have an email exchange with a candidate OR a recruiter that you think is a really kickass example — send it to:

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