Turnover in Tech: Time’s Up

Change is happening in the tech industry, but not always where it's wanted.
Change is happening in the tech industry, but not always where it’s wanted.

The turnover rate of jobs in the tech sector is notoriously high.

The average job turnover rate across all industries is estimated at 10.9%.  But according to an 2017 analysis of LinkedIn user data, the average job turnover rate for tech is 13.2%, a full 2 points higher than the national average.  Within the technology sector, the occupations with the highest turnover rates were:
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The Challenges with Diversity & Inclusion

Today, as tech talent continues to get increasingly harder to hire, it forces recruiters to adopt a different game plan — especially when trying to diversify to include more people from underrepresented communities. When unemployment is low, this can feel like an impossible task, but we have solutions for you. read more

Let’s talk about diversity

For the past several months, we’ve been working on a project our team cares a lot about — we recently launched a diversity initiative and we want your feedback. We created an open source project to catalog the growing list of groups, organizations, and resources for diverse talent in the tech community (e.g. Black Girls Who Code, Lesbians Who Tech, and PyLadies). The point of creating an open source project is to allow anyone interested in this information to have access to it, track the evolution and growth of the list, as well as have the opportunity and ability to contribute to the list and/or the overall project and mission. In this open source project you’ll find the free Boolean search strings we’ve made for any recruiter or hiring manager working in tech to help source a more diverse pool of candidates. read more