Meet “Habits”—a New Blog Series to Help You Build Better Recruiting Routines

At Humanpredictions, we’re on a mission to help tech professionals, of all walks of life, build stronger, deeper relationships with each other. As our world navigates a Fourth Industrial Revolution, every person in the tech industry is walking the same journey to building the future of our world. read more

As a Tech Recruiter, You Hold Untapped Superpowers—Here’s How to Harness Them

As someone who sources and hires technical people, you have one of the best jobs that society has to offer. But sometimes, this reality is tough to remember because—let’s face it—there’s a lot more hard work than glamor in your role.

Between communicating with company leadership, supporting hiring managers, providing candidates with high-touch processes, and the sheer number of times you hear the word “no,” in your day, the work can feel like sorting laundry piles. read more